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Amanda Mac Donald

Second Year Candidate Legal Practitioner


Amanda first graduated from the Natal College of Nursing in 2001 with a Diploma in Nursing (General, Psychiatric and Community) and Midwifery. Thereafter, she attended the University of South Africa where she graduated with a BA (Cur) Nursing Science Health Service, Management and Education degree in 2009 , a BA (Cur) Honors degree in 2013 and a BA Law (LLB) in 2018.

Amanda started her articles of clerkship at Whalley & Van Der Lith Incorporated in July 2018 and will be completing her articles of clerkship in August 2020.

Being a qualified nurse, Amanda has taken an interest in medical malpractice and third party claims. She has experience and skill in sourcing and appointing medical legal experts for medical opinions. She also has an excellent understanding of medical reports and medical records.

Amanda is currently expanding her knowledge of litigation as a candidate legal practitioner, and intends on specialising in medical law.




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